Ambassador David Love

Mountaineer and Expedition Leader

We have been working with David for a number of years, providing him with kit for his various expeditions as a professional Mountaineer and Expedition Leader. His work for the British Army has allowed him to travel to some of the world’s most
highly volatile countries, including Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia which has given him an insight into what clothing works and what you need to survive in different, often challenging environments.
His passion for the mountains was forged at a very early age in the rugged terrain of North Wales. Having cemented a love for the outdoors through the DofE Award, he continues to work with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and OS GetOutside,
sharing his passion by leading young people in the outdoors and inspiring others through speaking and writing about his own adventures.



What would you say are your greatest achievements to date?

My solo ascent of Mt Blanc when I was only 18, and with almost no prior mountaineering experience, is my most memorable achievement. However, summiting the Matterhorn and the Eiger are definitely up there too. But if I could only pick one, it
would be my solo winter traverse of the Transylvanian Alps in 2017.

Why are you keen to be a Craghoppers Ambassador?

I’m extremely proud to be an ambassador for a British company with a global reach. Having shared values is so important and I can’t think of a better clothing brand that promotes accessibility to the outdoors more than Craghoppers does.

What is one cause that you feel passionately about?

Accessibility to the outdoors for all. The majority of my voluntary activity is with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and getting young people, from all walks of life to experience the multitude of physical and mental benefits that travel and the
outdoors offers. In my opinion it’s the best education in the world!

What is your favourite place to explore?

The British Isles! For such a small cluster of islands, Great Britain has an abundance of places to explore and keep you adventuring for a lifetime! I absolutely love all of our National Parks, but Snowdonia is without doubt my favourite.